Product Portfolio

Anodox offers modular components and completely scalable solutions for many applications. Enjoy fast delivery times thanks to our carefully stocked warehouse and just in time processes.


Grid, industrial and commercial.

CLOUDCELL is a compact and energy efficient battery module. It offers smooth, uninterrupted power output when needed in peak shaving or in providing back up power.

  • Wide temperature operation range
  • Fast charging and discharging
  • Smooth, uninterrupted power output
  • Good battery life



Ultra High Performance

SUPERCELL is a heavy duty, modular battery which incorporates innovative immersion cooling. It has high charge/discharge capabilities utilizing 21700 cells immersed in engineered fluid for extreme performance applications. Anodox's state-of-the art cooling protects against cell to cell thermal runaway and is perfect for demanding use. Its design allows physical interlocking of modules, which provides for rapid deployment in wide range of applications.

  • Automotive compliance
  • Extreme power delivery
  • Maximum cooling performance
  • Extreme fire protection
  • Fast charging and discharging
  • World class 21700 cell



Standard Automotive

Strongcell is a robust battery module manufactured and tested according to industry best practice. It is perfectly suited for applications where ruggedness, performance and reliability requirements are paramount. The cells are encapsulated in casing engineered for protection, balancing and resilience. They can meet the temperature, shock, vibration, and immersion requirements of most applications.

  • Robust and reliable
  • Smooth, uninterrupted power output
  • Suitable for military and avionic applications



IoT, Data Science and AI

Anodox batteries are designed for remote monitoring of voltage, charge/discharge state, temperature and other vital factors. Additionally, Anodox offer a range of cloud based services to optimise performance, cost savings and revenue for batteries in the field.

  • LoRa-WAN and cellular datacomms
  • SD-WAN topology to make it easy to configure and manage the data networks required to support battery fleets/estates.
  • Data visualisation and analytics to help asset owners see and understand their energy system data.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence to proactively identify anomalous behaviour and optimise maintenance.