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Automotive (Battery Pack & Cells)

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Automotive (Battery Pack & Cells)

45 kWh High Voltage Battery Pack


The 380V battery pack delivers 45 kWh (42.75 kWh useable) of Energy with a Peak Power of 90 kW. The weight is 310 kg and the unit has an impressive energy  density of 204 Wh/l. The power density is also solid at 45 to 90 kW. The unit has a fast charge capability of 30 min and has the latest Anodox Adaptive Immersion Technology solution.

Technical Data

45 kWh HV Battery Pack

Nominal Energy Capacity

45.3 kWh

Useable Energy Capacity (95%)

42.75 kWh

Nominal Power

45.3 kW

Volumetric Energy Density

204 Wh/l

Gravimetric Energy Density

135 Wh/kg

Volumetric Power Density

417 W/l


336 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm

1330 x 880 x 190mm

Thermal Management

Adaptive Immersion Technology

Active Thermal Runaway Suppression

Protection from External Fires


Metal Sheet


ECE R100


‘>3000 (@ 1C)

Charge / Discharge C Rates

2C / 2C