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Anodox & ECO MONDIA collaborate on battery, PV & building efficiency

Anodox & ECO MONDIA collaborate on battery, PV & building efficiency

We are pleased to announce that 

Anodox Energy Systems AB, Gothenburg, Sweden


GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co. KG (soon to be ECO MONDIA Green Technology Europe GmbH)

have signed a future cooperation agreement.

Anodox manufactures and supplies high-capacity, high-power batteries, and IoT modules. The company is driven by a desire to make transportation and electricity supply greener and cleaner.

GoGaS offers a wide range of products designed to increase the energy efficiency of industrial buildings. Its merger with ECO MONDIA introduced specialized lightweight PV modules to their energy efficiency product lineup.

Together, Anodox and GoGaS ECO MONDIA are combining battery storage systems with PV and building efficiency solutions. This unique offering provides our valued customers with comprehensive support for decarbonization from a single source.

Statements of CEOs:

Theodore Zannakis: "Our collaboration with GoGaS ECO MONDIA is a testament to our shared vision. Together, we can usher in a new era of energy solutions, driving forward a sustainable future and making a tangible impact on our planet."

Heiko Schneider: "From our first discussion, it became clear that Anodox shared our enduring passion for building efficiency and decarbonization. Our mutual commitment to the highest quality made the decision to collaborate inevitable. Together with our partner Anodox, we envision a greener future for our planet. This new partnership is a stride towards achieving this vision, from small structures to expansive PV-parks."

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