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  • Mobile

    Applications include forklifts, industrial vehicles, buses, trucks, vans, cars, bikes and scooters.

  • Stationary
    Power grid

    Batteries to store surplus power and to provide fast charge/discharge to support applications on the power grid and behind the meter.

  • Mobile

    Anodox batteries are suitable for marine applications, in particular hybrid and pure electrical propulsion. Additional uses include low voltage DC systems and emergency lighting.

  • Stationary
    Data centres

    Anodox battery solutions help data centres by providing emergency power in blackouts, high quality power during grey outs and reduce energy costs.

  • Mobile

    Batteries designed with the ruggedness required for a variety of applications in the defense sector.

  • Mobile

    Anodox offers high energy density, lightweight, and reliable batteries for the avionics industry. They include protective coatings to increase safety and reduce maintenance.