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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Anodox is delighted to have secured Dr Neil Williams as it’s Head of ESS and Head of IP Strategy. In the former, Neil oversees stationary storage products and business. In the latter his focus includes trademark strategy, harvesting and protecting inventions, licensing, and managing Anodox’s patent portfolio. Dr Williams said:

Developing Anodox’s unique IP is a key strategic goal. The firm's expertise in liquid cooling is significantly improving the volumetrics, performance and safety of battery packs. As a result, we’re seeing enormous global interest because people are recognizing the real benefits Anodox delivers in energy storage for both mobile and stationary applications.

Neil has 30+ years experience in computing and electrical engineering. He has worked in manufacturing, logistics, energy, and transport. Neil was awarded first class Honours and PhD degrees from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Following his move to Sweden in 2018, Neil has supported a number of startups there. He has built a strong reputation in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg as a thought leader in energy, cleantech and mobility. His views on innovation management and early stage ventures are valued by angel investors, startup founders and corporate executives. Anodox CEO Theo Zannakis commented:

Neil is working closely with our engineers and is an integral member of our management team. He brings gravitas in technology, innovation and marketing. He is a great asset to our team.

Anodox’s IP strategy is being carefully tailored to help accelerate the global net zero mission. It’s key innovations in battery design and manufacturing are vital to the mobility, logistics and the electricity industries. The firm uses legal, organisational and technical measures to develop and protect its IP. The scope includes patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights.

Anodox has providers, distributors or other business partners sign mutual non-disclosure agreements. With support from external experts such as solicitors and researchers, Anodox is:

  • Carrying out patent and trademark searches.
  • Registering designs, patents, trademarks etc.
  • Checking for and diligently pursuing infringements.
  • To protect its own confidential information, Anodox utilises modern information security practises both electronically and physically. Also know-how is shared among several employees to reduce risk if an individual leaves the business.

Going beyond protection, the IP strategy helps to optimise Anodox’s innovation processes and monetise it’s ingenuity. The latter involves more than getting products to market faster with exclusionary rights. Anodox IP team also actively attracts potential licensing partners and helps identify opportunities in other markets.