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Introducing Anodox's 45 kWh High Voltage Battery Pack

Introducing Anodox's 45 kWh High Voltage Battery Pack

As our quest for cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions continues, Anodox Energy Systems is proud to introduce yet another revolutionary product: the 45 kWh High Voltage Battery Pack. Engineered with precision, this battery pack embodies the essence of efficiency, power, and innovation.

The Powerhouse of Performance

Operating at a robust 380V, this battery pack delivers an outstanding 45 kWh of energy, with 42.75 kWh usable, offering users an unparalleled energy experience. But it's not just the energy capacity that makes it stand out; its peak power delivery reaches a staggering 90 kW, making it a formidable contender in the high voltage battery market.

Compact Yet Mighty

Despite weighing just 310 kg, the battery pack impresses with its energy density of 204 Wh/l, making it one of the most energy-dense offerings in its category. With a power density ranging from 45 to 90 kW, this unit promises consistent and reliable power delivery under varying conditions.

Quick and Adaptive Charging

Understanding the fast-paced demands of the modern world, our battery pack offers a fast-charge capability that powers up in just 30 minutes. This swift re-energizing is further enhanced by Anodox's proprietary Adaptive Immersion Technology solution, ensuring that the battery not only charges faster but does so with maximum efficiency and longevity.

Anodox CEO, Theo Zannakis, couldn't contain his excitement: "This isn't just a battery pack; it's a testament to Anodox's relentless pursuit of excellence. We've harnessed the latest in technology to create a product that meets the needs of today while paving the way for a more sustainable tomorrow."


Concluding Thoughts

The 45 kWh High Voltage Battery Pack is more than a product—it's a symbol of Anodox's commitment to pushing boundaries and leading the charge in sustainable energy solutions. If you've been on the lookout for efficient, powerful, and quick-charging battery solutions, your search ends here.