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Pushing the Boundaries with Anodox's 14 kWh Energy Bar

Pushing the Boundaries with Anodox's 14 kWh Energy Bar

In the rapidly evolving landscape of energy storage, Anodox Energy Systems consistently emerges as an avant-garde creator. The latest gem from our innovation trove is the 14 kWh Energy Bar, embodying compactness, efficiency, and unparalleled safety features.

Compact Power Dynamo

With a formidable 48V, the Energy Bar delivers a striking 13.4 kWh of energy and offers a nominal power of 40 kW. What’s captivating is how we’ve encapsulated so much power in a mere 90 kg unit. Its energy density, standing tall at 189 Wh/l, is a testament to Anodox's prowess in combining form with function. A power density range of 13.4 to 40.2 kW assures users of consistent energy delivery in varied conditions.

Charging Made Swift

In today’s fast-paced world, waiting is not an option. Recognizing this, the Energy Bar boasts a swift 20-minute fast-charge capability, ensuring that you're powered up in no time. This is further enhanced with the incorporation of Anodox’s renowned Adaptive Immersion Technology solution.

Safety Beyond Par

The Adaptive Immersion Technology solution is not just another feature; it's the heart of the Energy Bar. It offers exceptional Thermal Management by way of Active Thermal Runaway Suppression, ensuring that the battery remains within optimal temperatures, promoting longevity and efficiency. Furthermore, the Energy Bar's protection against external fires showcases our commitment to user safety and product resilience.

Reflecting on this innovation, Anodox CEO, Theo Zannakis, remarked, "The 14 kWh Energy Bar is more than just a powerful energy storage; it's a symbol of our commitment to pushing technological boundaries while ensuring utmost safety. At Anodox, we envision a world where power is efficient, swift, and above all, safe."

In Summation

Anodox's 14 kWh Energy Bar is an embodiment of technological excellence and safety. If you seek a compact, swift-charging, and highly safe energy storage solution, look no further.